Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The 25 Most Amazing Community Arts Projects

The Mid-America Mural Project made this impressive list of projects.

Here's a quote from the introduction to their choices for the top 25 Community Arts Projects -

"For social workers, being involved in a community art project can be among the most rewarding and dynamic experiences. Primarily focused on engaging a community or a group of people, community arts projects involve a variety of media and often function to facilitate a dialogue within a group. Many of these projects are created and envisioned with the help of professional artists. Some of the community arts projects included in this list offer children and adults an opportunity to create art and build self-esteem, some are a means to revitalize disenfranchised communities, and some simply offer people a place to express themselves through a visual means. The following community arts projects were chosen for their ingenuity, their resourcefulness, and their ability to fully engage and inspire their communities."
click on the photo to see all 25 projects

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