Thursday, August 22, 2013

Public Art in Hastings, NE

As we begin the design process here in Hastings, one of our first research adventures was to go on a tour of existing public art in and around downtown. Here are a few of our finds.

"A Narrow Escape" by David L. Biehl at the Hastings Museum.

"Hau Kola" by Herb Mignery at the Hastings Museum

"Andy" by The Caped Crusaders

"Peacekeeper" by George Lundeen.

Mural about German immigrants who came to the U.S. via Russia.

Mural by high school students in 1987 at the downtown post office.

Murals at Alcott Elementary School.

Historical mural in the Adams County Courthouse by Gib Neal.

Murals by Giuseppe Aprea inside the Kensington (formerly Clarke Hotel).

Sandhill Crane exhibit with mural background at the Hastings Museum.

Diorama about early European settlers at the Hastings Museum.

Amber with mural at the entrance to the Kool-Aid exhibit.

Fisher 'Rainbow' Fountain built in 1932.

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