Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Projecting the design and community painting in East Waco

Before painting could begin we had to transfer the design to the wall. A long night of orienting the projector, tinkering with the computer and swatting mosquitos gave us the first glimpse of the design at full scale. A bunch of our design team showed up to see how the process worked and give encouragement.

The projection table

Myrl, Nancy and Ashley transferring the design

The next day at 10 am we started painting. This is the icing on the cake for us after nearly a month of meetings and design work.  Big areas of saturated color begin to assert the forms of the design attracting passersby from Elm Ave. It's hot so in between painting shifts we need to pause, pant and drink underneath our shade tent. In front of the design coming into focus people recall the stories and characters depicted in the mural. Over the weekend more than eighty volunteers came to add their brush strokes and help to transform this corner of East Waco.

Artist Chesley Smith put on the first strokes

Beulagh Barksdale helps paint her own portrait

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