Friday, August 17, 2012

Wall chosen for Arkadelphia's mural

We are excited to announce the location for Arkadelphia's mural. The wall is located on the west side of the Honeycomb Restaurant at 705 Main Street. It's probably the largest and most prominent wall downtown. It will provide great uninterrupted sight lines and a delicious place to take our lunch breaks.
Dave and Group Living Inc. Executive Director Jane Lucas discussing the Honeycomb wall.
Honeycomb is a component of Group Living Inc., a private, non-profit organization providing community services to people with developmental disabilities.  Their website says that the organization's purpose is to  "help each individual served reach the highest level of independence possible and to become an integral part of the community." 

The website goes on say that the "Honeycomb Restaurant, a sheltered workshop, exists for two main purposes:  one, providing employment opportunities and normalization skills for developmentally disabled adults and two, providing a downtown restaurant with good, affordable food.  Approximately fifteen clients work at the Honeycomb either full-time or part-time."

The generosity of the folks at Group Living extends to our project as well. In order to insure that the mural will have a good long life, Group Living will be coordinating and providing support for both cleaning and tuck pointing the building. We are grateful to Executive Director Jane Lucas and all of the other folks at Group Living for partnering with us on this project.

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